All my thank you notes are done and in the mail!! I feel a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders and have even had some time to do some card making.

This first card is one I made for my hubby on a special day. :) I was trying out my new heat gun and some embossing powder on the long blue and white strip. Sentiment by Studio G, ribbon by American Crafts, Hero Arts notecard. I also used these great adhesive metal dots that I got in the $1 scrapbook section of JoAnn's--I am in love with them! (you'll see them again)

This next one is a birthday card I made, wanting to try out the look of gems that I see everywhere...although I thought they would be too girlie for my taste, I kind of liked them, especially off-set by the earthy, soft colors used in this card. The best is that these gems came from the $1 bin at Target! :)

This last one is just a note for a friend who likes a pink and green color combo. I used this great pearlescent paper by KI Memories for the background and again used some clear embossing powder (on the pink tag) and the white metal dots. Flower brad: Target. Ribbon: American Crafts.Now if I could just get this silly yard sale done and over with...


busy, busy

i haven't written in a while (and haven't really done any crafting since then either) as we've been busy! our new desks finally came in to complete the look for our office (going along with the couch) and we have been cleaning and sorting and organizing and arranging, trying to make a neat, functional, beautiful space where we both actually have room to work on our respective projects. pictures to come soon.
going along with that, we have been preparing for a yard sale-the first of our own in our new house, which we are excited about- that was supposed to take place today. forecasts were calling for rain due to an offshore tropical storm headed our way, and boy, did it pour this morning! we were thankful to have postponed it until next weekend. it's a bit of a hassle,waiting that is, not mention our house is loaded with boxes of stuff everywhere, but it gives us time to get more organized and to purge more stuff, which really is the point anyway.
i've been slowly chugging away at the stack of thank you notes to write from the wedding and cannot wait to get them done-then i will have time to actually start our wedding scrapbook and other photo-related tasks that i've been putting off. i am excited about that, so i guess that should serve as some motivation. i am over halfway done though, so it's coming soon...



this is just a quick post to make an announcement: we have pictures up! i have made an album with my favorite wedding photos (just a small, small amount of all the ones we have). you can see it at snapfish. friends and family: if you have photos and we haven't yet gotten them from you, please let me know. thanks!

also, on a crafty note, i have finally gotten around to doing something! the new hero arts challenge is not up yet today but i wanted to be ready to get going on that and yesterday i had to make a couple of cards for friends. only got a pic of one, the other i had already sealed in an envelope, but here it is.


summer's bounty

there is nothing better than fresh produce and light summery flavors in the summer. and we are enjoying them. last night we enjoyed a simple salad with roast chicken, strawberries, honey-roasted cashews and gorgonzola cheese. i just finished preparing a mixed berry cream pie for dinner tonight with the inlaws. this is the easiest, most delicious pie i have ever made and has very quickly become my summer dessert standby. the recipe is from a magazine, which you can find HERE, and they make it a bit more fancy by home-making the crust and whipped cream, but it is just as tasty and time-friendly with store bought of both. they also make it just with strawberries, which i have done and liked a lot, but we have become fans of the mixed berry-i use strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries- and the color is just great! i imagine you could use just about any kind of fruit you like and that will puree well...my next go will most likely be banana. yum!

also making me herald fresh produce is the unlikely success of our veggie garden. i am not a gardener by nature. my mom and grandma are both excellent gardeners. i love the idea of gardening but cannot quite make it a full-fledged reality. i get lazy, forget to water, think it will rain and spare me the job, complain about the heat and the mosquitoes in our overgrown backyard. my husband has gone as far as to call me a black thumb. it's not quite green, but it's not completely black either. i am really good at a lot of things, but gardening, admittedly, is not one of them. so, back to the garden. given my ineptitude for growing and maintaining living plants, and adding the fact that we started almost all the plants from seed in our dark apartment, awaiting the move to the new house with a backyard where we could build a garden (which came much later than we had planned), it is a shock that this garden is producing anything. but! yesterday, we {finally} got our first edible tomato (the bugs have caused us problems this year), and a small crop of hot peppers. upon closer inspection of our little patch, i discovered ripening cucumbers, the first few tiny ears of corn, and even two baby watermelons! and the tomato plants, despite looking sun-scorched, are covered with tiny green fruits as well. this might turn out to be a bountiful summer here after all...

on a slightly unrelated note, although it always seems that in summer i have the time to discover all sorts of new things that end up being part of some kind of bounty, i have just discovered some new and wonderful music. we rented "dan in real life", which is a good movie i'd recommend for light, believable and touching comedy. but what i remarked on, almost immediately, was the music ("oohh, we gotta get this soundtrack," i told my husband 5 minutes in...). it is composed and sung by one artist exclusively for the movie and it is just beautiful, if you like an acoustic/folk/pop-type sound, as i very much do. his name is sondre lerche-check him out!

i'm off to laundry and making a summer weekend lunch: grilled cheese & tomato tortellini soup!


name changes

as many of you know, i just got married (coming up on the one-month mark already!). this week, with fresh SS card and driver's license in hand, i have been trying to get my name officially changed on all my documents. i'm sure those of you who are married (and lacked enough common sense to get rid of your old name) know all about this and don't really want to hear my complaining, but you'd think that no one woman has ever gotten married before. to make matters more interesting, i am not just getting a new name, but hyphenating. you'd think it would make things simpler, as half my name still exists, but, as the woman at the bank informed me today, i'm not "making things any easier, you know..." geez. i think it is all quite funny, really and thankfully, i am not in any rush to get it all done. and i am quite pleased with my new name. so there. take that, bitchy bank lady.

on a side note, my husband caved today and "let" me buy an adorable little pullout couch for our office (i think i would've gotten it even if he didn't and i'm pretty sure he knows that!). we have had kind of a fold out futon, which only turns into a twin sized bed=not adequate now that we've moved from 3 bedrooms to 2. we are currently making plans for a yard sale and hoeing stuff out, which obviously justified my new purchase, and we are in the midst of reorganizing our office/craft room/guest room so that it resembles some sort of welcoming and creative space rather than a cardboard-and-wire think tank that an art store threw up on. i exaggerate just a bit, but really, we needed this new thing, which unravels into a double bed, and is quite cute to boot. Check it out!

and! it matches our wall color perfectly :)



do you ever wish that in life, like in food, there was a simple, pared-down menu to choose from? my husband often does when it comes to the inevitable question " what's for dinner?", wherein i usually just choose something i want anyway. this wish kind of reminds me of the ideas being tossed around on the HA flickr group discussion, how when you want to create something, the overabundance of themes and colors and styles and papers and embellishments--which normally is intended to give us more flexibility in our crafting--often just hinders our creative abilities. it seems that way in life sometimes, which is a blessing and a curse...

speaking of choices, there are a lot of them here at blogger. i am trying to decide what elements to add to make this blog a bit more interesting an expression of myself. soon to be coming should be pictures of my work, when i can actually make a decision and make something (the HA challenge this week being for kids kind of gives me a break to get myself together) and pictures of our recent wedding, which i planned myself and which went surprisingly well. :) (more on that another day)

today i had my second appointment as a scribe. and i never really thought about a job like this existing before i got it. what i do, in a word or two, is administer an exam and write the answers on the test paper for a student who is unable to write. this particular student has a neurological condition which prevents him from writing and affects his memory, both of which make test-taking, especially in french, a very grueling task, for him and myself. since his speech is slurred and many french words sound quite the same (hard enough for anyone who
can speak and write easily), he has to spell many words individually so that i get an accurate response recorded. it is a challenge for me as well, testing my patience and integrity and is humbling. we often take for granted things we can do with ease and cannot imagine life without them. when i first got the job, my husband asked me why i found it so difficult, to which i responded that it was awful tough to keep my own answers for an elementary test in check, because i was drawn to correct his almost uncontrollably. "well, you know, he's kind of challenged," he replied. " why not just cut him some slack..." it's at that point that i dove into a lecture on the importance of equal opportunity learning, for the learner, but also for other learners and for the sake of learning itself (i won't go into the whole bit here). and now that i am thinking about that conversation again, i think it makes sense to me what i said, and that i believe in it. and i think for now, that that kind of narrows my choices.


back at blogging

as you can tell from the title, this is my second (or third, or fourth...) first post. i just realized when i edited my profile that i have been a member since august of last year. almost a full year and no posts to show for it. the idea of blogging has always seemed a little strange to me. i don't know if it is more that i fear i have nothing to say or that i fear no one will care if i do. maybe it's a little of both....

but, whatever the reason, i am giving it another go. i have been inspired and challenged by some new friends over at the Hero Arts flickr group, both artistically and bloggingly, to create. not only to create, but to vent, to postulate, to share, to inspire someone else. i guess in the end, i know someone is listening...