busy, busy

i haven't written in a while (and haven't really done any crafting since then either) as we've been busy! our new desks finally came in to complete the look for our office (going along with the couch) and we have been cleaning and sorting and organizing and arranging, trying to make a neat, functional, beautiful space where we both actually have room to work on our respective projects. pictures to come soon.
going along with that, we have been preparing for a yard sale-the first of our own in our new house, which we are excited about- that was supposed to take place today. forecasts were calling for rain due to an offshore tropical storm headed our way, and boy, did it pour this morning! we were thankful to have postponed it until next weekend. it's a bit of a hassle,waiting that is, not mention our house is loaded with boxes of stuff everywhere, but it gives us time to get more organized and to purge more stuff, which really is the point anyway.
i've been slowly chugging away at the stack of thank you notes to write from the wedding and cannot wait to get them done-then i will have time to actually start our wedding scrapbook and other photo-related tasks that i've been putting off. i am excited about that, so i guess that should serve as some motivation. i am over halfway done though, so it's coming soon...

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