do you ever wish that in life, like in food, there was a simple, pared-down menu to choose from? my husband often does when it comes to the inevitable question " what's for dinner?", wherein i usually just choose something i want anyway. this wish kind of reminds me of the ideas being tossed around on the HA flickr group discussion, how when you want to create something, the overabundance of themes and colors and styles and papers and embellishments--which normally is intended to give us more flexibility in our crafting--often just hinders our creative abilities. it seems that way in life sometimes, which is a blessing and a curse...

speaking of choices, there are a lot of them here at blogger. i am trying to decide what elements to add to make this blog a bit more interesting an expression of myself. soon to be coming should be pictures of my work, when i can actually make a decision and make something (the HA challenge this week being for kids kind of gives me a break to get myself together) and pictures of our recent wedding, which i planned myself and which went surprisingly well. :) (more on that another day)

today i had my second appointment as a scribe. and i never really thought about a job like this existing before i got it. what i do, in a word or two, is administer an exam and write the answers on the test paper for a student who is unable to write. this particular student has a neurological condition which prevents him from writing and affects his memory, both of which make test-taking, especially in french, a very grueling task, for him and myself. since his speech is slurred and many french words sound quite the same (hard enough for anyone who
can speak and write easily), he has to spell many words individually so that i get an accurate response recorded. it is a challenge for me as well, testing my patience and integrity and is humbling. we often take for granted things we can do with ease and cannot imagine life without them. when i first got the job, my husband asked me why i found it so difficult, to which i responded that it was awful tough to keep my own answers for an elementary test in check, because i was drawn to correct his almost uncontrollably. "well, you know, he's kind of challenged," he replied. " why not just cut him some slack..." it's at that point that i dove into a lecture on the importance of equal opportunity learning, for the learner, but also for other learners and for the sake of learning itself (i won't go into the whole bit here). and now that i am thinking about that conversation again, i think it makes sense to me what i said, and that i believe in it. and i think for now, that that kind of narrows my choices.

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