name changes

as many of you know, i just got married (coming up on the one-month mark already!). this week, with fresh SS card and driver's license in hand, i have been trying to get my name officially changed on all my documents. i'm sure those of you who are married (and lacked enough common sense to get rid of your old name) know all about this and don't really want to hear my complaining, but you'd think that no one woman has ever gotten married before. to make matters more interesting, i am not just getting a new name, but hyphenating. you'd think it would make things simpler, as half my name still exists, but, as the woman at the bank informed me today, i'm not "making things any easier, you know..." geez. i think it is all quite funny, really and thankfully, i am not in any rush to get it all done. and i am quite pleased with my new name. so there. take that, bitchy bank lady.

on a side note, my husband caved today and "let" me buy an adorable little pullout couch for our office (i think i would've gotten it even if he didn't and i'm pretty sure he knows that!). we have had kind of a fold out futon, which only turns into a twin sized bed=not adequate now that we've moved from 3 bedrooms to 2. we are currently making plans for a yard sale and hoeing stuff out, which obviously justified my new purchase, and we are in the midst of reorganizing our office/craft room/guest room so that it resembles some sort of welcoming and creative space rather than a cardboard-and-wire think tank that an art store threw up on. i exaggerate just a bit, but really, we needed this new thing, which unravels into a double bed, and is quite cute to boot. Check it out!

and! it matches our wall color perfectly :)

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