summer's bounty

there is nothing better than fresh produce and light summery flavors in the summer. and we are enjoying them. last night we enjoyed a simple salad with roast chicken, strawberries, honey-roasted cashews and gorgonzola cheese. i just finished preparing a mixed berry cream pie for dinner tonight with the inlaws. this is the easiest, most delicious pie i have ever made and has very quickly become my summer dessert standby. the recipe is from a magazine, which you can find HERE, and they make it a bit more fancy by home-making the crust and whipped cream, but it is just as tasty and time-friendly with store bought of both. they also make it just with strawberries, which i have done and liked a lot, but we have become fans of the mixed berry-i use strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries- and the color is just great! i imagine you could use just about any kind of fruit you like and that will puree well...my next go will most likely be banana. yum!

also making me herald fresh produce is the unlikely success of our veggie garden. i am not a gardener by nature. my mom and grandma are both excellent gardeners. i love the idea of gardening but cannot quite make it a full-fledged reality. i get lazy, forget to water, think it will rain and spare me the job, complain about the heat and the mosquitoes in our overgrown backyard. my husband has gone as far as to call me a black thumb. it's not quite green, but it's not completely black either. i am really good at a lot of things, but gardening, admittedly, is not one of them. so, back to the garden. given my ineptitude for growing and maintaining living plants, and adding the fact that we started almost all the plants from seed in our dark apartment, awaiting the move to the new house with a backyard where we could build a garden (which came much later than we had planned), it is a shock that this garden is producing anything. but! yesterday, we {finally} got our first edible tomato (the bugs have caused us problems this year), and a small crop of hot peppers. upon closer inspection of our little patch, i discovered ripening cucumbers, the first few tiny ears of corn, and even two baby watermelons! and the tomato plants, despite looking sun-scorched, are covered with tiny green fruits as well. this might turn out to be a bountiful summer here after all...

on a slightly unrelated note, although it always seems that in summer i have the time to discover all sorts of new things that end up being part of some kind of bounty, i have just discovered some new and wonderful music. we rented "dan in real life", which is a good movie i'd recommend for light, believable and touching comedy. but what i remarked on, almost immediately, was the music ("oohh, we gotta get this soundtrack," i told my husband 5 minutes in...). it is composed and sung by one artist exclusively for the movie and it is just beautiful, if you like an acoustic/folk/pop-type sound, as i very much do. his name is sondre lerche-check him out!

i'm off to laundry and making a summer weekend lunch: grilled cheese & tomato tortellini soup!

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Asmith said...

The pie was awesome! I heartily recommend! The veggies look great. Keep on Blogging!