New glasses!

Here I am with my new glasses (and crumply hair, but nevermind that). I got them on Wednesday and although they were much needed--my prescription has doubled in 2 years!--it has taken a bit to get used to them. Hopefully my daily headaches will go away and I will feel like doing things instead of just closing my eyes. I think it is already working! :)

Last night we decided to go to one of the last Sharks' games of the season--Fan Appreciation night and fireworks to follow. 45 minutes in and 2 hot dogs later, the weather decided it had other plans. But as we paraded out of the park with everyone else, I got some fantastic shots of the looming sky. Nothing like a storm to show you who's boss...

I also just realized that I never gave a yard sale update! I am glad it's over and I don't plan to have another one anytime soon. But, all in all, we didn't do too badly--pulled in about $300, which is more than I expected, but we are still left with more things we had hoped to be rid of. Craigslist, here we come!

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