Oh, ambition...

things have been busy around here and i haven't had time to do any crafting at all. jack johnson concert on tuesday was pretty good, though i must admit, there are some people who just sound better to me on the studio album and he's one of them. there were tons and tons of people there and it got a little crazy near the end, but was overall enjoyable. been helping a friend of mine with moving back to town and settling into her new place. loads of shopping with her, and a few new purchases for our house. i have had time to do some cleaning/sorting/enhancing here at home. last weekend we spent many hours finally planting the shrubs we've had sitting outside since may (or earlier!) and we got some new ones, even started a mini shade garden under the front tree and updated the sidewalk garden. all you folks who live in town should come by--things have changed over here. our house is the cutest on the block, for sure! :) i am also very pleased to announce that we have finally, finally emptied all the random boxes that were sitting around and i finally feel all moved in. and, my husband is the best.

i have been feeling ambitious with regard to my crafting, but have yet to get any work done. i missed most of the blog this week over at Hero Arts, but there is still time to work on the sketch challenge and i have a cool idea for using the new animal set i got last week, so be on the lookout for that. i am also following the class on doing a wedding album over at Two Peas in a Bucket, but we're at week two and i have no pages to show yet. i will be working on my title page (last week's challenge) and some engagement/pre-wedding stuff for this weekend. hope i can get a jump on it.

school starts next wednesday already and i am not quite ready. there is still a lot of uncertainty as to what exactly i am going to be doing for my assistantship and i am really not looking forward to night classes, but, it will free up time in the day for other things. i may even get one day a week off, in addition to weekends, and that would be sweet. i am still working out the details of my schedule and hoping that i won't go too crazy. we'll see...

for now, that's it. off to do laundry, maybe some crafting (i skipped boring orientation today once i found out it was merely "suggested") in my couple of spare hours.

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