Another technique...

Today is my day off, and, despite the fact that I have a huge stack of papers to grade and laundry to do, I wanted to play! I decided to try some distressing, inspired by the HA challenge, and to use some of the goodies in the November Studio Calico kit I won (Thanks again Jennifer!!). Here it is (see all the details here):
This is the first layout that I have done since beginning our wedding album, which I haven't even finished and I am surprisingly pleased with the way it turned out. It's a first step for me. You see, I am quite new to this. Well, I used to scrapbook. But I wouldn't call what I used to do the same thing as what I now know exists and what I imagine creating. And every time I think of starting a project, I get hung up on myself and can't do it. I get intimidated by other fabulous work I see out there, and even by myself, because I am not sure I can recreate my new-found cardmaking style, in a layout. I guess this is proof that I can...

...Full speed ahead!!

As I was starting to cleanup the mess I had made with the layout, I decided that I should just go ahead and make a matching card, using HA stamps, and that way I could enter it into this week's challenge. I did this card, and a matching scrapling, in about half and hour! Amazing! And what's more, I really really like them, nearly more than the original layout! Who knew?? Take a look:

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Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh my gosh those are just gorgeous!!!!! LOVE the colors and your cool style! Great job! And GREAT win!!!

I am so with you.... I also started as a scrapbooker and then discovered the world of stamping, card making and good ol' altering! I think the last three have really taught me different techniques which in turn have improved my scrapbooking!