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As I get on my blog to post and am first drawn to read all the other blogs that I haven't in the past couple of weeks, I realize that I really am not a good blogger. At all. I didn't even think I had any readers. So, imagine my surprise when I received not one, but two comments this week!

The first was from an awesome, hilarious, and fabulously talented lady, Deborah Nolan, who requested the link the the blog I mentioned in my last post-here it is. For loads of neat stamping techniques and ideas, including the one that inspired my witch door hanger, visit Michelle Zindorf here.

The second came from an equally fabulous lady, Jenn Biederman, who, of all things, chose me as a recipient of the Arte y Pico award! This is an award whose name in Spanish means something like "Art and More" (my own translation), but really means that someone really thinks your art is great. Learn more about it at the Arte y Pico blog. Here it is:
Now, the rules state that you choose 5 recipients whose blogs "deserve this award, creativity, design, interesting material, and also contrubuites to the blogger community, no matter of language" and you give the award to them. However, being that I am probably the least deserving recipient based on blog activity, and that I cannot think of any blogs that I read that have not already been recognized by the aforementioned ladies, I am not going to choose my recipients just yet. I will accept the award, lest I be seen as ungrateful, and keep my eyes peeled for new talent...be on the look-out!

As an addition to my Halloween witch, I have a couple of other crafty things to show today:
That creepy wreath I mentioned in the last post, here it is! (Hard to get a good shot of it any way I tried...)
Food name cards for the buffet, which we didn't end up using.
The invitations to our Halloween party.
And here's me and my goofy husband at the party: I was nurse Roberta, he was my geriatric patient, Richard Balzac, complete with diaper and all!

To wrap up this eternal post (hey, when you don't do it often, better make it good, no?)
, I have some photos of a project I am very proud of. Some friends of ours are expecting their first baby in a few short weeks and as a baby shower gift, I wanted to make a wall hanging to match their Pooh themed nursery. I even went as far as to order special Disney themed paper and stickers (who knew they even existed!?) and here is the result, with matching card:
That's finally it for now-hope all you Americans voted today. I am off to make dinner-turkey meatloaf- and see what's going on with the election...

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Mimi said...

First of all, your friend will be thrilled - the baby wall hanging is fabulous!

Second, your Halloween costumes were a hoot! Very clever and you two are adorable.

Third, thank you for posting the link to the cool technique (I'm off to get me some learnin' as soon as I'm finished here.)

Fourth, thank you for your extremely complimentary comments both here and at my blog. I feel like a million bucks after reading them!

Fifth, thank you for commenting at my blog about that post. That was a very personal story that I have rarely shared, so I was feeling a little naked and vulnerable. Your comment was a blessing.

Keep up the good work and get that paper written! (You can take the professor out of the classroom, but she's still going to nag you about your homework til she drops dead! I was a professor for ten years before I became an attorney.)


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