Jimmy and I have been busy busy this week, what with preparing for the upcoming holidays (food to cook, goodies to bake, presents to finish, crafts to do, and lots of papers to write, for me) and, with kitten sitting! Maybe we are crazy, or he is, for letting me temporarily adopt two kittens, because I always want to keep them. Maybe we like to torture our two cats (I think that is what they think...) but they are coming around. We are on day 4 and we will have them until Friday or so. In the past few days, we've been slaves to the litter box and the various food and water bowls and feeding schedules-like getting two new infants overnight! Here they are, Oliver and Maddy:

Aren't they too cute?!

Before I get back to my paper grading and get on to getting dinner going, I have a quick share. The challenge over at Hero Arts this week was to use up some scraps on quick cards (what a genius idea for this busy time of year). I discovered, however, once I sat down to begin, that I don't really have many. Either I don't do enough stamping, or I throw away too many scraps. Actually though, I think it is just that, most of the time, once I sit down to work on something, I work and work at it until I am satisfied, so I don't have many pieces leftover. But I do share paper scraps and punched bits, and I had plenty of those! Keeping with the idea of the challenge, I didn't spend a lot of time on these, and admittedly, they are a bit sloppy, but I like them overall.

We had a fun outing downtown and to the farmer's market yesterday (it was the first time in weeks that it hasn't rained or that we weren't busy, so even though it was COLD, it was enjoyable), and I got some prints in the mail from out NY trip, so maybe some scrapbook pages are in order soon, as well as a little peek into my workspace (when I get time to make it look most presentable). Have a good last little bit of the weekend!

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