Christmas cards....

...are finally done! I stamped and mailed them today, so they will actually arrive before Christmas. And, to top that (I am super proud of myself here), each one is hand-made and completely unique. I will admit that they are not all the best creations I've made, but it's the thought and the effort that counts. That is one weight off my chest and today I even got most of my shopping done.

The rest of the gifts are going to be handmade, which leaves a lot left and here I give the warning that I won't be posting much until after the holiday, since I want what I am working on to stay secret! But, for today, I have a quick share of some photos.

Remember last time I talked about our homemade Christmas crackers? Well, they were a big hit and I finally have a snap of them. For those who might think of giving them a try, here's a tip: don't use that shiny foil-type wrapping paper. It rips very easily, but trying to pull it apart in a cracker- it's damn near impossible!

Here's a sampling of some of the Christmas cards (those that haven't already been posted):

Tomorrow it's baking goodies for neighbor gifts and for my Saturday Christmas movie-thon, including homemade marshmallows (more on that later, because they are so fabulous they need their own post :). Then, lots more crafty work...good luck to everyone else with a mile-long to-do list! Night!

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