HA Valentine Challenge

I finally got back into the challenges over at Hero Arts this past week! It has been a good month since I have participated (just have been too busy or felt too uninspired...) and it felt good to submit a couple of projects. The first one was inspired by a card from Lisa Spangler of HA (which I cannot seem to find right now...I will update when I do). I had been dying to use one of these journaling sheets form Making Memories and the card came together quick and easy, which is good in my book.

The second card is actually not a Valentine, but a wedding card which I made for someone else to give. It coordinates with the bride's color combo (blue and gold) but since I used a heart stamp, I thought it could work for the challenge. And sorry for the bad photo, I was in a rush!
Thanks for checking out these cards! Hopefully more to come...


This weekend, when faced with task of bringing the dessert for two meals at others' homes, I went with one I've been dying to do lately-cupcakes! I made two kinds to satisfy everyone...

First up, chocolate mint. Gooey with chocolate chips and chopped Andes mint inside and a fluffy chocolate cream on top with little chocolate shavings.

Second, and the all-round favorite, I think, Coconut Raspberry! We couldn't find unsweetened coconut anywhere, so we opted to crack, grate and toast our own and I am sure glad we did because the flavor was phenomenal. I am not a cake person by nature. But for these cakes, I'll make an exception. Moist and filled with fresh raspberry coconut goodness and covered in coconut cream cheese icing. All I can say is yum!

Off to work now, but I'll be back later with the card(s) that I did for the Hero Arts challenge. Happy Monday!


Let it....

(tuesday 1.20)
...snow!? It is currently snowing, here, on the North Carolina coast! This is indeed unusual weather for a place where two days before Christmas it was nearly 80. I have a few snaps of the house and yard-Jimmy and I both got home early from work due to the weather and had some time to play. But not for long!

Palm trees covered in snow just really makes me giggle...

(friday, 1.23)
I also have a couple quick crafty shares. First one, I meant to post last week, since I made it for the Hero Arts challenge, which was to include pockets on a card (I never got around to entering it). I thought it would be a cute baby announcement, since the inside has a little file-folder style pocket for a photo and some info. And it uses their new elephant set and some woodgrain, both of which I looove!

This second one was for my father-in-law's birthday last Saturday. I used the woodgrain again-I'm on a roll with that-and some fun elements that I didn't expect to make such a nice manly-ish card. Also, I love the patterned paper I used here, from Collage Press (Jackson Lodge 6x6 pad). I had been hoarding it, not knowing what to use it on. Found something! :)

I am off to do some crafting and eat some of the yummy meringue cookies I just pulled from the oven. Hopefully, some Valentine's shares coming soon... happy weekend!



Things have been so crazy around here. We just rang in the new year and January is more than 50% over already...geez! But I have been busy springing into action! You see, I am notoriously not good at action. Lots of talk, lots of dreaming, lots of planning, little bit of action. And I am not big on resolutions, because who really keeps them anyway? So this year, rather than make some I know I will not keep and rather than talk a lot about what I want to accomplish, I thought I'd just dive in.

So, in addition to the start of a new semester (and 3 new loads of schoolwork) and the return to my job, I have been working on getting into a healthy routine and losing some weight. Two weeks and 8 pounds down, which is not bad considering I have been a bit frazzled and sick in that time. So yay!

But the real announcement is here: I have not been making cards for long, but it is a hobby that I really enjoy and really spend a lot of money on. I only have so many friends and relatives, who also encourage me to do more, to give cards to. And even a smidgen of extra income never hurts. So, for a while I have been hatching an idea to try my hand at selling my cards. I have opened up shop on Etsy!! My shop is called Squeeze Card Co.--you can visit it here. I admit that it is harder than it seems, which is why I have delayed making an announcement about it. I only have a few items at this point, because making them takes more time than I have these days and because I am treading carefully around copyright issues so as not to make more trouble for myself later. After a lot of research, I was disappointed to find out that several of my favorite companies do not seem to allow the type of reselling that I am doing, but I am still waiting for "official replies"...bummer. But I am slowly making new inventory, photographing, editing and listing new items, so in the meantime, check out my shop and leave me a comment here telling me what you think.

Oh, and wish me some luck, 'cause I could sure use it! :)


Quick share...

Just got back from the gym and about to watch a little TV before shower and bed, but I wanted to share something quick. This is a gift I made for a friend for Christmas and I realized that I have not yet posted it.

This friend is one for whom I cook a lot and she does not cook, but perhaps wants to get there and always asks me for recipes. I think that even if she won't cook them, someone else in her life will, because she is surrounded by good cooks! So, I decided to make a little recipe book, with a sampling of my favorite basic easy recipes and her favorite dishes of mine. The book was part of a package containing some food-related gifts: a couple different chai teas (she looves that), some exotic chocolates, a tea bag press, and I decided to make a matching tea mug with the extra rub-ons I had. It might not last long with washing, but it looks cute!

All patterned paper, stickers, stamps, brads and rub-ons used in this project are from Basic Grey's Offbeat line, which I had been hoarding for a while. I realized that the fruit and veggies theme, and the quirky, non-girly designs, would be perfect for it. Enjoy!

Other supplies used: chipboard arrows and tabs (Colorbök), acrylic paint (on tabs), rubber cement, cardstock (Bazzill), chalk ink (Colorbox), colored pencils, chipboard album(Maya Road)

Off to some DVR'd "Top Chef". Night!



...starts in two days. Argh!

First, to talk about New Year's! I hope everyone had a spectacular time. We wanted to keep up with tradition and spend it with my friend Kristy, and since they couldn't come here, we went up to Raleigh. We went out to dinner at this fantastic Brazilian steakhouse called Brasa, where we tried an astounding array of roasted meats served continually on giant swords by many foreign-looking men and indulged at the appetizer buffet. The price is a little steep, especially for someone like me who doesn't eat seafood or lots of meat, but hey, it's New Year's Eve, and we allow a treat once in a while.

Afterward, we went back to K & B's place and opened Christmas presents. We got some nice red wines and yummy-smelling candles for the house, and we got them some board games, which we played while drinking champagne. We stayed up to watch the increasingly ancient Dick Clark and the ball drop, after which we were all so tired we just crashed. Feeling more like an old person every day! :) The other high point of the trip was realizing that there was an AC Moore nearby with Making Memories Slice in stock, so I went and got one (and a second cartridge), each for 50% off using coupons and Christmas giftcards. And so far, I love it!

The past few days have been spent de-Christmasing the house, though we've been too lazy to take down the tree yet, and getting organized for school: supplies, books, meal & schedule planning, printing and reading, meetings, and panicking about when I'll have time to get anything done...we'll see how it goes.

Off to get ready for bed and snuggle in for some reading time. Night!