Things have been so crazy around here. We just rang in the new year and January is more than 50% over already...geez! But I have been busy springing into action! You see, I am notoriously not good at action. Lots of talk, lots of dreaming, lots of planning, little bit of action. And I am not big on resolutions, because who really keeps them anyway? So this year, rather than make some I know I will not keep and rather than talk a lot about what I want to accomplish, I thought I'd just dive in.

So, in addition to the start of a new semester (and 3 new loads of schoolwork) and the return to my job, I have been working on getting into a healthy routine and losing some weight. Two weeks and 8 pounds down, which is not bad considering I have been a bit frazzled and sick in that time. So yay!

But the real announcement is here: I have not been making cards for long, but it is a hobby that I really enjoy and really spend a lot of money on. I only have so many friends and relatives, who also encourage me to do more, to give cards to. And even a smidgen of extra income never hurts. So, for a while I have been hatching an idea to try my hand at selling my cards. I have opened up shop on Etsy!! My shop is called Squeeze Card Co.--you can visit it here. I admit that it is harder than it seems, which is why I have delayed making an announcement about it. I only have a few items at this point, because making them takes more time than I have these days and because I am treading carefully around copyright issues so as not to make more trouble for myself later. After a lot of research, I was disappointed to find out that several of my favorite companies do not seem to allow the type of reselling that I am doing, but I am still waiting for "official replies"...bummer. But I am slowly making new inventory, photographing, editing and listing new items, so in the meantime, check out my shop and leave me a comment here telling me what you think.

Oh, and wish me some luck, 'cause I could sure use it! :)

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