...starts in two days. Argh!

First, to talk about New Year's! I hope everyone had a spectacular time. We wanted to keep up with tradition and spend it with my friend Kristy, and since they couldn't come here, we went up to Raleigh. We went out to dinner at this fantastic Brazilian steakhouse called Brasa, where we tried an astounding array of roasted meats served continually on giant swords by many foreign-looking men and indulged at the appetizer buffet. The price is a little steep, especially for someone like me who doesn't eat seafood or lots of meat, but hey, it's New Year's Eve, and we allow a treat once in a while.

Afterward, we went back to K & B's place and opened Christmas presents. We got some nice red wines and yummy-smelling candles for the house, and we got them some board games, which we played while drinking champagne. We stayed up to watch the increasingly ancient Dick Clark and the ball drop, after which we were all so tired we just crashed. Feeling more like an old person every day! :) The other high point of the trip was realizing that there was an AC Moore nearby with Making Memories Slice in stock, so I went and got one (and a second cartridge), each for 50% off using coupons and Christmas giftcards. And so far, I love it!

The past few days have been spent de-Christmasing the house, though we've been too lazy to take down the tree yet, and getting organized for school: supplies, books, meal & schedule planning, printing and reading, meetings, and panicking about when I'll have time to get anything done...we'll see how it goes.

Off to get ready for bed and snuggle in for some reading time. Night!

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