Branching out...

I am not a seafood eater. Never have been, despite trying it over the years. Lobster in butter? Not for me, my friend. Fish & chips? No chance. Crabcakes? No way José. The thought of a shrimp makes me squirm in disgust. Not to even mention oysters, clams...the list goes on.

Well, given that I am trying to healthy up my diet I have been giving the issue some consideration lately. A couple weeks ago, we went out to dinner with a friend and J ordered pan-fried trout. I tried a bite to be obliging [he always complains that he tries my food and I turn my nose up at his when we go out! :)] and surprise! It wasn't so bad!! Maybe I can do this fish thing after all. I didn't admit that, of course.

But, on Saturday at the farmer's market, all the vendors with fresh meat and yes, seafood, made me do the unthinkable--I wanted to buy some fresh fish! I think for me, now that I realize that maybe all of it doesn't taste as bad as I thought, I need to prepare it myself to get over the semi-phobia I have with it. Not to mention, knowing that it is as fresh as you can get doesn't hurt either. I voted for flounder. Luckily for me (which I found out today), they were out so we went with a fillet of mahi mahi. The guy explained to me how to cook it, which was indeed humbling, as I fancy myself a pretty equipped cook. This was the one thing I hadn't a clue about. He recommended some simple methods and seasoning with ginger.

Tonight I prepared it for dinner, somewhat reluctantly, because even though I bought it, I was having second thoughts. I got on the internet as hunger pangs were starting to grip my tummy and looked for a recipe to guide me on cooking my first fish dish. I found this one from allrecipes.com and with a little tweaking, we ended up with this:
Ginger glazed Mahi, served with brown rice and steamed snap peas. Yum!

It really was fantastic. I can't believe I waited so long to give it a try and I know J is thrilled. He even proclaimed that it was the best piece of fish he has ever eaten. Anywhere. Period. Which is a pretty big compliment. :)

I still don't think I am going near a shrimp anytime soon...

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