Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #33

I'm back! Two posts in one day, how's that for fun? :)

I have a share for you, but a bit of an intro first. I am starting to get into challenges. I have been doing the Hero Arts weekly challenges for quite some time now and really enjoy having something specific to create for. It works for me when sometimes I get the time to create something but don't have anything good or particular in mind (which happens a lot). Challenges give me a starting point and it's usually pretty easy from there. I just began playing over with Kristina Werner and going to start with Dawn McVey. They both do color challenges and I like them because I usually start my process by picking colors...just what works for me.

But, a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled onto this fantastic challenge blog by accident while hopping around online. It is called Cinema Saturday, as you can see by the title of this post and I love the concept: each week, they select a movie to base your creation around. Can be the music, themes, costumes, characters, lines...anything. They also give one or two basic requirements. I lurked for the last challenge, which was for the movie Twilight because I hadn't seen and didn't want to, but the movie this week was "Ever After," which is one of my favorite favorite movies, so I had to play along!

The movie is a modern take on Cinderella, but set in the 1500's, with Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Dougray Scott, and a host of others great actors. It has fantastic music, costumes, setting, is well-written, and it has action, drama and romance all in one--just terrific! As I watched the movie, I was drawn to a particular scene in which we first see Danielle posing as a Comtesse and she first meets the prince. It is one of my favorites. She wears a beautiful green, ivory and gold gown and pearls in her hair, but still wears her peasant shoes and it illustrates perfectly that balance she is trying for between her dual lives. I used her outfit (the colors, the pearls, the lace) and that duality as inspiration for my card. I am utterly in love with it.

Here's a few shots of her in the outfit (from here):

And here's the card:
I love this sentiment (from Papertrey Ink) that I used and I think it was perfect for this card. Despite their "impossibilities," Prince Henry and Danielle end up together. Aww! Even I enjoy a good romance once in a while. Thanks for looking (and reading all this)! Have a good evening!


Shari said...

Gorgeous! That is just Beautiful! Wow! Hey By the way I have a sister who lives in Wilmington. She has only been out there for a year or so, although her husband was raised in Fayetteville. My sister loves Wilmington. Beautiful Card!

scrapperjulia said...

This is just so beautiful! Love the dress that you chose for inspiration and you did a fabulous job!

nelliemaeii said...

WOW!! I am sooo glad you played along, this is a beautiful card!! The gold and green are gorgeous. Fantastic job with this card, I hope to see more of your work!!

Carol Dunstan said...

fantastic sentiment for this movie! Love your card

Sankari W. said...

WOW!! I am simply blown away! I LOVE that dress - and you just brought it to life in your card - seriously amazingly beautiful and that sentiment is absolutely PERFECT (it reminds of her conversations with Leonardo da Vinci along with the Prince about what what impossibilites can become possible!

Your bow, the gold flourishes, the pin, the sentiment - is all just simply perfect!!! Thank you so much for playing along in our weekly challenge - I am so happy that you found our little blog and that you decided to play along!!!

I hope that you will join us again! and Hope that you had fun playing along!

Sending you sunny smiles and hugs :)
Sankari :)

Erica said...

Congrats on the Audrey! You so deserve it. I think this is a beautiful card and really captures the essence of the movie and the dress. Absolutely beautiful!

Sankari W. said...

Hi Elana! Congratulations on your Audrey win :) Would love to email you the details but couldn't find your email on your blog - if you can email me at sankari.wegman@gmail.com I can send the details to you :)
Best wishes and hugs,
Sankari :)

Chat Noir said...

Congratulations on the Audrey... richly deserved... just like your beautiful card with its many sumptuous layers. Great work.