Going green...

Warning: Long post following, but it's a yummy one, promise! :)

Today is Saturday and that means the farmer's market for us. It is one of the ways that we are trying to go green: buying local and organic when we can. This weekly event for us coincides with the challenge over at Hero Arts this week, which is to go green! The task is to use at least on Hero Arts stamps and some sort of recycled material on your card or project. All week I have been thinking and thinking and gathering materials, looking at things in a new light--what could I make with this?? sort of thing on my way to the trash/recycling bin-- BUT I had yet to create anything. Couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do. As it turns out, this challenge spread to more than just my creative projects...

This was our loot for the morning:

fresh flowers, wheat grass for the kitties, potatoes and onions, multi-color cherry tomatoes, beets, yellow squash, strawberries, snow peas, a beautiful head of red leaf lettuce, and fresh rabbit!

As I shopped this morning in the sunshine, unloaded all of our purchases, and began arranging the flowers in my mind, I was thinking about how shopping at a farmer's market and bringing home such wonderful food should equal putting out less waste. Just seems to me like earth karma or something. So as I struggled with finding room in the fridge for that giant bunch of beets, I had to cut off the leaves. But I decided on some new uses for them!

First, with the all-white bouquet I had bought, I couldn't resist those lovely purples stems mixed in! From these:

I got these:

Then, in a stroke of genius (or horrible insanity, I'm not sure which yet), I was suddenly inspired to use the materials I had gained in a card: the leftover leaves and the brown wrapping paper that had tied my bouquet. Here's my card:

This flower is made from recycled tissue paper that enclosed these new flourish stamps that arrived by mail yesterday. (Yum-o! Papertrey Ink this month, by the way) The best part, for me, are the leaves! I made them by rubbing the beet leaves onto white cardstock, VERY slowly and carefully, with an acrylic block to release the juices. All the color on those bad boys is natural--no ink involved!! I am tickled with myself, needless to say. :)
That's all I've got for now; I'll post later with the supplies. We are off to dinner at my parents. Thanks for looking! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! :)

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