2 makeovers!

This makes three blog posts in one day for me! I have been getting really sick of looking at that old header that I had up and really have been wanting to do something custom and fresh looking for summer, so today I finally sat down and did it. While I was at it, I thought I'd go ahead and get a new picture too. :)

The second makeover I speak of is, of course, the crafty space makeover challenge for my Etsy Greetings Team. It just occurred to me that I have no idea if the "official" 4 weeks are up, and I wanted to get finished (really, completely finished) by this weekend, since I have some company coming to stay. But, as per usual around here, I haven't. I haven't really worked on it lately at all. I am kind of stuck at the point where I have piles of random stuff around that I don't want to deal with-ick! But I do have a few more pictures for you.

First off, remember that gargantuan printer that my dearest hubby rescued from the trash??

Well, it went back where it came from! And cleared up some much needed floor space. We also sorted and put away the piles of equipment and materials on the couch so that someone can actually sit or sleep there. We went from this mess:

To this:
Secondly, if you read my last update, you may remember the corner next to my supplies shelf being piled high with crap and looking a little barren, something like this:
I moved those ugly cardboard drawers and all the recycled cardboard (which I use in shipping) to the closet, and the drawers now hold all my Etsy stock and supplies in one place. The clear drawers on top now hold all my finished cards not part of shop inventory. There is still room behind these drawers for the guest linens and pillows. (That silver thing on the bottom, unfortunately, is part of the AC system in our old home and cannot be moved...poses a bit of a challenge)
(This closet is another story...I don't have a before picture but it was overflowing with wrapping paper and other junk, including two big bags of papers from my husband's desk that have been there since we moved....LAST April!--it's all gone now)

And the corner now holds a few photo boxes with alterables and recycled materials (which will most likely be moved), a few magazines I still need to go through and tear out good pages and then discard, and a basket for in-progress projects, which used to just sit all over my desk. I also moved the bulletin board to this corner and it fits perfectly! It used to be behind the door next my desk, but we almost always have the door open, which means I could never see it; now I can.
I still have a few problem areas that I am working on, (or have a solution for and just haven't gotten around to implementing). One is this little crate table beside the couch. It is stuffed with old magazines on one side (same as the ones above, I need to tear out inspirational pages and toss the rest...you can see on the top of the pile where I started doing this some time ago) and on the other are school materials: notes and readings from previous semesters and research materials. I need to catalog the materials from this past semester and find a better and more spacious home for all of it.Another thing I am working on is storage of my clear stamps. Currently, they are all in this red bin that used to be on the shelf and is now on my desk. It is packed to the brim and the collection is continually expanding...
...making it even harder than it already is to catalog these in my new system! I bought these small binders and sheet protectors at Staples and I am working on reorganizing all my stamps by type of image, not by set. I am stamping an index sheet, along with writing in the set info, and then placing the stamps on a backer of transparency film. Then I slide them into the sheet protectors. This system, though not remotely done, I think will be helpful. Instead of drudging through tons of stamps sets for a suitable "Happy Birthday," for example, I have them all on one or two pages, making my decisions faster. And Lord knows I need that!Thanks for looking at my progress! If nothing else, posting about it will help me get it done!


Molly said...

Wow! Great progress, Elana! Love seeing what you've been doing!

April Ink said...

Looks great! What an improvement in the corner of the room with the couch.

lavendergreetings said...

Looking great!! Organized and room for life also!!

Genelle said...

Great job! You're so ambitious! I love what you've done so far. It feels great, doesn't it!?

Molly said...

Took me a while, but I finally posted a blog update and linked back to this and all our other updates:


Thanks for sharing! Thanks for hanging in on the ride with all of us!