Craft Space Makeover-Update (photo heavy)

I am finally back with an update on the craft space makeover. I have two things to admit first though: A-the pictures I posted previously were pictures of the room after I had pulled everything out and started sorting; it doesn't always look like that (but hey, it's gotta get worse before it gets better, right?). B-I had started on my room before this challenge with the EtsyGreetings team began, but had kind of lost steam, so I have been dilly-dallying on really finishing up the last and toughest parts. :) But I have made some progress, and however minor the changes may seem, they are doing wonders for me.

Okay, first place to tackle I didn't even post a picture of before. It is the main shelf where I store most of my craft supplies. Now, many people would look (and have!) at this and say, "wow, you are organized!" All those labeled boxes may look organized, and in principle, are, but the problem is that they were just filled to the gills. Lots of them contained things I never use, not all of my supplies were on this shelf as a result, and new items didn't have any space. I also have a dilemma because of my organizing style: I like things to be closed up. I don't want to see a bunch of junk lying around...it just seems cluttery to me. But with my crafts, I like to see colors and things; it's inspiring. So the challenge was mainly to sort and get rid of stuff, and rework how things are stored on this shelf to make it both more visually pleasing and easier to find what I am looking for.

I started by making a big box of things to get rid of (hello, yard sale or, even better, blog candy?). Then I decided to make this shelf just for my stuff, and moved all the supplies that were for our home office elsewhere. Then I got some pretty storage methods and sorted all the old and new together. Then I put it all back! I am not quite finished...(I want to make a curtain to go around the lower shelves, to not have to see it all and to protect my supplies from the sun. I have some old flat sheets I am going to use but haven't gotten to it yet.)...but it is looking great and the increased function is phenomenal! Here's some pics of the new shelf:

Buttons are now stored by color in spice jars I got from World Market for $0.99 each.I scoured local Dollar stores for weeks trying to get enough of these old-fashioned clothespins to hold all my ribbon collection. They come 20 for $1. They are secured with ball head pins and the jars I got at Target for about $5 each. Perhaps a bit of a pricey solution, but my ribbons needed a place that works (this is so easy now!) and it looks soo nice!
I have collected lots of these little pails from the Target $1 spot for a while and am constantly moving things around in them. I put all my pens, markers, pencils and scissors (colorful stuff) in them. The peanut butter sandwich jar was one of my very first antique purchases (I was about 15) and it holds all my big stickers (smaller and lesser used ones have a shoebox). It used to be on the shelf above my husband's desk, where I could never get at them! :)
Here's the whole top shelf-Yum!
The second shelf: a 3-drawer bin holds specialty paper, chipboard and 12x12 sticker sheets. In the middle is my 8.5X11 cardstock, design magazines/catalogs, and then all my blank cards, tags and envelopes. A sectioned box holds small embellishments.
The third shelf: bin on the left holds paints, brushes, pastels and chalks. middle bins hold wood stamps (I still need to get a better system for these). The plastic shoeboxes hold a variety of stuff-stickers, sewing supplies, glitter/embossing powders, less used adhesives, my Slice machine and heat gun.Bottom shelf: left bin holds sketchbooks, blank albums and coloring books. Middle organizers hold 12x12 loose cardstock, patterned paper and paper pads. The right bin holds small paper pads and paper collections (I like to keep them together).

Ack! What a long post!! Hope you've gotten some ideas from the pictures and thanks for hanging in there. I have lots more to share from my makeover, so come back! Happy weekend!!


Happy Elephant Designs said...

Love it!! Great job:)

lavendergreetings said...

Looks awesome!! I'm working on mine today!! I always forget about the great stuff they have at World Market - the spice jars are a great idea!! And I love the clothespin idea - I'm on my third method of storing ribbon - I may have to try yours for a fourth try if I end up not liking this one. Your method looks great too!!


Molly said...

Amazing! So functional and completely cute at the same time! Good job!

April Ink said...

lovin' the jars. so pretty to look at, you're not going to want to remove anything from them!

Handmade in Israel said...

I love those jars! They look beautiful! It seems a shame to even use them ;)

Molly said...

Elana, I just posted a link back to your blog from mine with this great update: http://mollyleecards.blogspot.com/2009/06/more-crafty-space-makeover-updates.html

Again, great work!

Danielle said...

Great job. I forgot about the clothespin idea.