Okay, well, perhaps a mini one. I think I mentioned a few posts ago losing creative steam due to excessive clutter in my crafting space. And just as I had begun to (finally) tackle some of the trouble spots in our office, the girls on the Etsy Greetings Team had started a challenge-to makeover your space in 4 weeks and follow along with the others. I resisted, thinking I had nothing to contribute or gain, but have given in....of course it helps to share your tips and tricks and issues with others!!

Unlike some others, mine is not a space issue. It is not an issue of not having storage space. Mine is mostly a function and organization issue. J and I live in a
house with 2 small bedrooms, the second of which does triple duty as our guest room, home office for both of us, and my craft space and necessarily, it has to hold all the related supplies and equipment. As my interests and pursuits in papercrafting have expanded, so have my supplies and I was running out of where to put them so that it made sense. I also was holding onto lots of old things. You know the type. Never really used, can't foresee a use for it, but can't let it go. Those types... I also suffer from a growing addiction to ribbon, coloring implements, and clear stamps, all of which can be difficult to store, considering that I am the type that needs to see things to use them up.

So, a couple weeks ago, I finally pulled everything out of the closet, shelves and from the random piles stacked everywhere and this is what I ended up with:

Add to that mess these crazy shelves, with nothing on the top ones because I can't reach them without a serious stool, which we don't have....

and this monstrosity of a color printer that my dearest husband rescued from the trash heap

and a lack of financing for any over the top solutions and a makeover CHALLENGE is indeed what you have! I have made some progress (still stuck on a few issues) and have pictures coming soon.

In the meantime, check out the makeovers of these ladies, fellow Etsy team members:
Shannen, who inspired the challenge- http://happyelephantdesigns.blogspot.com/
Molly, who started the challenge-http://mollyleecards.blogspot.com/
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Karen, who started a blog for the challenge- http://www.lavendergreetings.blogspot.com/

We are off this weekend to Savannah, GA to celebrate our first anniversary and next week I will hopefully have some cool solutions to share, so come back!


Molly said...

Hi Elana! So excited to have you on board! I link back to you from my blog: http://mollyleecards.blogspot.com/2009/06/life-in-sunset-joins-us.html

I'm excited to see how you transform your room!

Genelle said...


Glad you're a part of this makeover challenge. It's great having a group with the same goal! Looks like both of us have a lot of work to do (I think I've got you beat though... ugh!).

Good luck!