We had such a great time in Savannah. The air there is thick with history and richness. The live oaks draped with Spanish moss and the ivy covered brick, the cobble stone streets and the historic squares, the heat and the humidity, the food and the shopping, the hospitality and the liveliness...they all set a lovely backdrop for a fantastic trip. It is such a beautiful city and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite snaps...

water fountain at Forsyth Parklive oaks at Bonaventura CemeteryWall of ribbon at @ Home store. I could have bought it all....
Just a note about this photo. It is not the best photo. It pretty much sucks, after a bit of editing. But, out of the 317 or so photos we took, this is the only one of the two of us together. (And we only have it because a woman agreed to take ours if we would take theirs...we need to get better at this). So, despite its flaws in lighting, I love it.
We hope to go back there soon, preferably in the winter though! :)

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