Tomatoes!! (& a little helper)

Random post alert! I have a few minutes and thought I'd do a quick post about some random stuff. I snapped these out in the garden a couple of mornings ago.

I am quite proud of myself, because although I enjoy attempting gardening, I am lousy at it and last year's tomatoes didn't do so hot. We had them in the ground, which I think is the culprit...our soil, or rather, sand, here is not good enough, even with additions and fertilizer. So pots on the deck seemed the way to go this year. My tomato plants grew up quickly and we have now been getting a good supply of fruits and eating lots of salads lately. Yum!!

On a completely unrelated note, I spent the better part of today cleaning and doing laundry in preparation for some friends who are coming for the weekend. They are staying in our guest/craft room and I needed to get it at least clean and tidied, if not completely organized and put away. When I pulled out a stack of papers and books from this crate table and turned my back for a few minutes, my little "helper" Lance snuck right in. He was just too cute. I had to take a picture. :)

K & B should be here very soon, then it's making dinner (beef with spicy peanut sauce, couscous, and of course, a big salad---we even got some small peppers form the garden today), and off to a baseball game. Should be fun, as long as it doesn't rain. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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