Happy 4th of July!!

Hope all you Americans are having a fantastic holiday weekend! I wanted to pop in with some photos from our celebration, which we chose to do on the 3rd this year. It was in honor of my brother, Steven, who deploys for Afghanistan on July 19. He is a Green Beret in the 82nd Airborne division of the Army, a weapons specialist, and has had lots of training to do what he is now being called to do. But I can't help but wonder if that will be enough to keep him safe. We all enjoyed the day, celebrating our nation, our freedom, and the ones so near and dear to us that make these kinds of days possible. This is one of the first 4th of July's that really carries a lot of meaning for me and I know it won't be the last. This is me and my brother (a goofy picture from a couple months ago):
I don't get to see him all too often, not as often as I would like, and I am going to miss him.

But all seriousness aside, we did have a great time yesterday. We had perfect weather-it was about 85 and breezy as opposed to our usual 98+ and stifling thick air. We swam, ate lots of yummy food, and ended the night with fireworks, sparklers and bottle rockets. Can't beat that.

I made these cupcakes: red velvet with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate raspberry.My mom and I made these fun patriotic pinwheels and vellum firework skewers...they looked so great scattered around in red, white and blue bottles!Love love fireworks!!

Today J and I are taking it easy. We slept in after a busy past few days and perhaps an afternoon picnic and another batch of fireworks downtown tonight. Let freedom ring!!

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Debbie said...

Hi Elena, love your pictures of your 4th celebration. Just found your blog today through Kathy's blog. will be coming back to visit.