MIA & Shop Update

Ack! I just realized that I have been MIA for two weeks now and that it was time for a blog post. After a rough patch for a while (call it a quarter life crisis or something of the sort), I got back on track. With school and work starting up again for me in a couple weeks, I have been a busy bee lately, trying to cross things off of my to-do list around the house and for the Etsy shop. I have finished-with some degree of completeness-my craft room makeover, cleaned out and reorganized our bedroom closet and dressers (as well as attic storage), tackled a big stack (3 years worth!) of magazines and sorted favorite pages into a binder, redesigned my recipe book template and started entering in all my new favorites, and made a light tent and am working on taking better pictures. [Pics to come of all this soon.]

I have also been working on some new things for my shop: new items, getting ideas for the upcoming holidays, dealing with my first wholesale order ever(!), and preparing to tackle my first local craft fair. I am also coming out with some new product lines for the shop, which I am really excited about and I have a sneak peek for you all today of the first one:

Any guesses on what this new line might be?? More info coming soon, so stay tuned!!

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gscrapbooks said...

Great blog!(I found you through the Hero Arts site on the blog addy roll thread.)