Chocolate Mousse

I think I have a new favorite dessert.

I have now made it a total of three times: once to test it out, a second time to screw it up, and a third to finally get it right. And it's heaven.

It's Chocolate Mousse! Though I prefer the more refined sounding French version, Mousse au Chocolat...

It's a French classic, and after seeing the movie "Julie and Julia" (which is partially about Julia Child) a few months ago, I did some online investigation into her recipes. I stumbled onto this recipe from pastry chef David Lebovitz. He has a great food blog, which is both sweet and savory. He calls the recipe "Julia Child's Perfect Chocolate Mousse" and that it is.

I always thought that chocolate mousse was one of those things better left up to professionals. But it really is not that hard. A bit tedious, but not hard. It's rich, so not a dessert to make often, but I like David's logic:

"This recipe requires a vigorous bit of whipping. So if you've ever wanted to really know why French women don't get fat even though they eat all those luscious desserts, well...once you make this mousse, you'll soon learn the answer."

Amen to that.
That's all for today. I am making a cake and wrapping gifts and finishing up some birthday projects for a few of the (SEVEN) September birthdays we have this week and will have some goodies to show you soon. Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday afternoon!

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