Sunday Scene-results

Wow! It has been a busy week in my neck of the woods with school and work. But we have been having unseasonably cool weather here (cool enough to have the windows open these past few days) and I am itching for fall to start and so so happy for the long holiday weekend here in the US. My only plans are to play a bit with new goodies that just arrived and get some things done around the house since we spent the whole of last weekend preparing for....Sunday Scene!

I'll cut to the chase by answering some key questions that you're all just dying to know:
Did we sell a ton of stuff?
No. Not really. We sold two items (one of which was a card set, so we made almost enough to cover the entry fee). We had a few people take business cards.

Did we have fun?
Definitely! The weather was nice, hot, but breezy down on the river and there was good music. I think this was a really good experience for me, not having ever done any kind of craft fair before. I now know what to expect, what kinds of things to make, how I might display better...those sorts of things. And, if nothing else, I have a huge pile of new inventory I had been saving for the fair that I can now list in my Etsy shop-huge bonus! :)

I have a bunch of pictures to share of my booth (click on any of them to make them bigger):
That's me, manning the booth just as the event began.
These next couple are just shots of the booth. I had one table of merchandise and a second one where customers (mostly kids) could stamp a free card (tried to bring some people in).
I love love love the little banner I made for the table front.
These old shutters I bought at a local salvage yard, cleaned up and displayed cards hanging with Christmas ornament hooks attached to the back of the package with tape.

I had a couple of baskets of items, including this one with older sale items.I also bought this wooden box from the salvage yard (it's kind of half salvage/half junk). We improvised some hinges with ribbon and thumbtacks to hold it open and I concentrated my "head-start on Halloween" merchandise there.

This display rack was once meant to hold cigar boxes (also from the salvage store). I just backed each tier with cardboard and affixed decorative labels to the front of each.
All in all, it was a great day. Even Jimmy really enjoyed himself! The bottom line: Will I be doing it again soon? Probably not. But will I discount craft fairs forever? Not at all.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!!


1CardCreator said...

Really nice set up, thanks for sharing with us!

Birdtracks said...

I love your booth. It looks like something I would head over to first. I am having my first festival on sept 29. I am from Mint Hill, NC just outside of Charlotte. I've traveled to Wilmington many times. My grandson goes to community college there. Jody

Molly said...

Nice displays! I love how you used salvage items!


Handmade in Israel said...

Your booth looks great and I am glad you had fun. It's just a pity you didn't sell more :(

Terri said...

Looks great! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Love your displays. I love the wooden box. I want to rig something up with an old wooden crate I have. I'd love to get my hands on some shutters. I am also going to do something with an old window.

Jackie said...

Your booth is beautiful, I love the salvaged items that you used, it added alot of character to it. You cards are wonderful and if people didn't buy them then they just have no taste :-) BTW, I am in NC, too, in Concord over near (but far enough away from) Charlotte, and we hope to get over to the coast one day. It's so beautiful over there and I miss the ocean (I am a native Floridian).