And the award goes to...

Me. For being possibly the worst blogger ever. I know, I know. I have missing for quite some time now, but rest assured, missing IN ACTION, definitiely applies here. This is a busy busy time for work and school for me, as always as the last third of the semester approaches. This year the last day is Dec 2--less than one MONTH away!! And that includes three days off for Thanksgiving. Yikes! This frenzy is not going to end any time soon...

The real reason I am posting today, and another reason I haven't had anything crafty to post here lately, is that my work has gone wholesale!! For the past few weeks I have been working like crazy in my (few) spare moments to complete my very first wholesale order!

I already have some holiday items in place (and more things coming) in a little shop called The Lemon Tree, in downtown Wake Forest, NC. It is a new shop, soon-to-be cafe as well, and in fact, it just opened on Tuesday. They specialize in handmade local products and on top of that, are part of a downtown revitalization project, and I am always a fan of keeping history alive and kicking. They are having a grand opening party today, so all you in the NC triangle area should stop by and check out this shop. Their website is here: http://www.thelemontreewf.com/index.html and you can become a fan on facebook, too: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wake-Forest-NC/The-Lemon-Tree/158271496198

Thanks to Stacey for working with me. I am excited for them and this oportunity for me. Hopefully soon I will have some new goodies posted in my Etsy shop and get back to our regular scheduled programming...is there even such a thing around here?

Have a great Thursday!

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