Just a simple share for you today.

I have loved Ranunculus flowers forever. I see them in magazines artfully arranged with their lush petals piling out of cute containers. I coveted them when planning my wedding but opted for locally grown buds. I have one picture, torn from a magazine, that looks at me everyday from my bulletin board. I love them.

Nevertheless, I have never actually seen them in real life. That is, I hadn't, until yesterday. I went to the store to pick up some things for dinner and I opted for Fresh Market, which isn't my normal choice because it is pricey, but on occasion I go and make some good finds (particularly in the produce department). I always check out their fabulous flower dept and keep walking but yesterday I noticed, tucked into the corner, were bunches and bunches in all colors of these delightful flowers. Alongside them were another of my constant favorites, hypericum berries. As a little treat for the past rough weeks I've had, I scooped up some bunches and when I got home, set immediately to arranging the petite blooms in a small vase. The fading sun was streaming in the back door right onto the kitchen counter where I was arranging them, and it struck them in such a way that I had to grab the camera and take some snaps:

There was just something about fresh flowers, finally seeing these in real life, and the setting sun that just made my day. It is sometimes the simple things that make life so sweet.

Hope you're having a great weekend...look for the sweet things.


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