brown paper packages...

...you know how the song goes. Today has been a quiet day here at home. J went back to work after having a week or so off and I am glad. I love him, and have been happy to have time with him, but a girl needs the house to herself once in a while. :) I got a lot accomplished and enjoyed the silence. Just thought I'd pop in to share a couple photos.

I finished my wrapping today. I kind of like to keep it simple at Christmas time-kraft paper, twine and simple hand-made tags. It is faster, cheaper and easier than monkeying around with all sorts of papers and curling ribbon (which for some reason I can't stand) and I just like the classic, old-fashioned look to it.

Sorry for the bad photos. When I went into the living room to snap a couple of photos, I found this on the couch and didn't want to disturb him:
Our cats are so weird...

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!!

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