mmm...summer delights...

There are very few things I like about summer: I hate the heat and am not particularly fond of the beach. But one of those few is gardening. Admittedly I am not that great at it, mostly because of laziness and lack of adequate watering (I blame it on my aforementioned aversion to the heat)--but oh, fresh herbs and veggies and flowers? I will take those any day and wait all winter to get them back. So for today, I have a little tour around our garden for you!

This year I amped up our planting a bit--

three basil plants instead of one (which got HUGE last year and sent little baby basils sprouting up all over the place), two sweet and one African Blue

6 varieties of tomatoes instead of three, including these four

4 containers of herbs instead of one

and 3 varieties of peppers including these little jalapenos.

I also planted lots more in our small vegetable patch than last year: we did sweet peas, green beans, two types of lettuce, more basil (spicy bush basil) and cucumbers, all of which have done better than expected so far, even if they were in small small amounts. :)

Even our pear tree is going strong with lots of fruit already.

Hope you enjoyed--celebrate by getting out and planting a little summer delight of your very own. :)

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