This is a little blog about life and crafting...

i am: a twenty-something college spanish instructor living on the north carolina coast. married to a man perfect for me in his goofiness, knowledge of useless information and passion for old junk (among many other things). delightfully random. a terrible procrastinator. multi-talented yet frequently self-doubting. struggling sometimes. working on who i am and evolving who i want to be.

i have: wildly curly hair. two cats, marco and lance, who make life interesting (and furry). an etsy shop where i sell things i've made from paper. a little house that i continually try to beautify and organize. a mind that never stops spinning.

i like: learning new things. languages. cooking. reading. baking. gardening. papercrafting. ice cream. writing. games. bike riding. tinkering. entertaining. organizing. decorating. office supplies. traveling. online shopping. music and movies. lots of silly tv. junk-hunting. cheese. taking photos. road trips. fresh flowers. fonts. cruising around collecting real estate fliers. farmer's market. simple things.

started mostly as a way to share my artsy creations, this blog is just a little piece of virtual space where i can post about things i love and maybe get some things out into the world and off my chest.

here i post: pictures of things in my life. recipes. things i've made, edible or otherwise. parties and get togethers i've thrown. witty commentary on my life.

i can't promise: what will appear. or what won't. or whether it will arrive in a timely fashion. 

but dive in and hopefully you'll find something inspiring. or beautiful. or tasty. or heart-warming. or useful.a little something to make this crazy world just a little sweeter....